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The act of playing Garen (an outspoken person allowed to run with a sharp object whom you can't ignore but want to) who in the popular online game League Of Legends (LOL) releases his inner frustration (from being picked on for being a sparkly douche) by spinning wildly and involving opponents in his stabby moment in order to win.
League Player Chat
EvilClown (Shaco): "Hey it's Garen!"
EmoMumE (Amumu): "Run away man, run awaaaay!"
EvilClown (Shaco): "Don't worry he'll never catch m-

Garen: "DEMOCIAAAA!!!"

=AN ALLY HAS BEEN SLAIN= (Garen - Shaco)

League Player Chat
MerryGoRound (Garen): Spin to win!!
EvilClown (Shaco): Q.Q
by SpiffyMiffy February 04, 2012