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"Spiffting" is the act of blowing ones nose by placing your index finger on one of your nostrils, then using the compressed air of your lungs to eject snot from your other nostril like a projectile.

Spiffting is primarily done by black males as thier large flared nostrils facilitate a nice clean spift, however white man have been known to spift, primarily wiggers attempting to emulate thier black gangsta heroes.
Cop: "Freeze Negro"

Negro: "You be not gonna takes me alive motherfuckers!" *SPIFT*

Cop: "Ah fuck, he spifted in my eye, i can't see"

Other cops: "Oh my god, it's the biggest snot i've ever seen" *BARRRF*

Negro: "Feets don't fails me now"

Spiftting should not be attempted by people with small nostrils.
by Doctor Phlem October 17, 2005

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