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A very sexy, but plump, Italian girl.
Now that broad, Maria -- look at those tits and curves. She sure is one spicy meatball.
by j_chlo June 30, 2004
While having anal sex, sticking your balls into a girl's gaping asshole, then taking them out and making her suck them.
Last night I gave this girl the illest Spicy Meatball.
by MaddDogg69 February 07, 2010
When a girls thong is hangin out of her pants
Yo look at her she's got a spicy meatball
by Wayne Lady April 08, 2004
Spicy Meatball is a phrase that can be used to express excitement, empathy, disdain, or a variety of other feelings. The versatility behind the phrase comes from the the mixed feelings that one can feel when eating spicy foods. Excitement before ingestion, regret or pain during, and the possible feelings of pure satisfaction or anguish that follow.
Example 1:

Annabel: Hey, Andrew, want to go to the fair?

Andrew: Sounds like a spicy meatball!

Example 2:

Student 1: Hey, bro, I cheated on my girlfriend and now she's breaking up with me. *tears*

Student 2: Damn, son, that's a spicy meatball. *hugs*

Example 3:

Mario: Hey, man, what are you doing today?

Andrew: Going to Patrick's party, it's going to be a real spicy meatball. You should come!

Mario: I don't know, man, I failed an exam today due to the total lack of effort I put into studying, and now I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Andrew: Damn, bro, that's a spicy meatball.
by ChefMasterMario March 21, 2012
someone who is so cool they exceed the title of awesomee to spicy, therefore, they are a Spicy Meat Ball and meat balls are awesome
ME(Spicy Meat Ball)
by Bri Bri the spicymeatball October 24, 2009
Odd way of fingering a girl using all fingers at once while making an italian motioning gesture. You must also say "spicy meatball!" while engaged in this act.
Hey, i gave that girl over there the spicy meatball for 30 min straight.
by ShadyWay 561 November 03, 2010
When someone takes a shit that causes their but to burn and limit walking for a length of time. That also causes your body to shiver and have goosebumps.
I can't walk from my spicy meatballs!!!
by Pat L. July 10, 2008

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