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The spiritual experience that is had when consuming an excessively spicy or hot type of food. Usually accompanied by sweating and the sensation of burning.

Extra effect comes when a spicetastic event is followed later in the day by a dark ritual.
Justin: Me and Julie went out for our anniversary dinner last night to that new Indian on derp street.

James: No way, how was it?

Justin: The food was good, but I made the unfortunate mistake of having my dish vindaloo hot.

James: Sounds good.

Justin: It was spicetastic! I broke out into a heavy sweat and I was gasping for water for about an hour.

James: Damn dude, that sounds great.

Justin: Yeah!...... Oh god, I can feel a dark ritual coming on!

James: Awesome!

<the two high 5>
by sirjamestheawesome November 03, 2010