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Plural Spicabillies.

Term to describe a specific type of mexican found to dwell in mostly poor dry aired areas of southern california. They are know to have naturally greasy hair and flashy cars or rides as they are known. Spicabillies listen to 50's rockabilly and new psychobilly bands like rezurex and nekromatix as well as favorites CALAVERA. You know real old school type stuff.
They spend most of the day sleeping or thinking about eating tacos. When they are not sleeping or eating tacos they tend to day dream about sleeping and eating tacos. The term comes from the word spic and billy. Spic a racial term for mexican and Billy taken from rockabilly.

They are not be confused with Rockabeaners.
1. <Pl> Damn look at those spicabillies attack that plate of tacos.
2. A spicabilly will do it till you puke
by Rockabeaner November 15, 2006

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A combonation of racial descent of a Spic and Hickabilly.
A spicabilly would like a pony cause its like a low-rider horse.
by J-ojo February 20, 2003