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Used in the context of either giving a shit about something or not. The combination, to be used, has to pass two requirements: 1) That something is within you circle of knowledge and influence and 2) You either give a shit or you don't give a shit about it (usually the latter).

Careditude is not a combination of the words care and attitude, it is a made up word that has roots with the word care. It is basically a nicer way to tell someone you can really give a rats ass about what they are talking about without really sounding like a dick.
John - "Man I am going broke and it's because I spend all my money on porn."

Peter - "Not my problem."

John - "But you don't understand, I can't stop buying it."

Peter - "Not within my Sphere of Careditude, fag."
#sphere #of #careditude #don't #give #a #shit
by Deebo568 November 24, 2009
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