Slang for the word, "expensive"

Pronounced: Spence'
In a situation: You try to buy a sandwich at an airport but it is costly or expensive - you say, "That sandwich is Spence!"

In a sentence: Damn Didi, I just tried to buy one of those sandwiches, bullshit is Spence.

Showing off: You think you got game? I got 6 pairs of Jordans yesterday, and they spense!
by nerdstarwars August 17, 2011
Top Definition
Can be used to mean "excuse me" or "sorry about that"

Shortform for the Spanish word "dispensa"

Pronounced: Spence

Also use: Spensa
Prounced: Spen-Saw

Also used when someone is "showing off"
In a situation: You bump into someone on accident and say "Spense"

In a sentence: I heard your dog died today. spense.

Showing off: Tommy bought the new Jordans? SPENSE!!!
by Jojo Peligrosso April 07, 2008
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