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The act of watching a movie or TV show by either skipping through it or using fast forward, only pausing to watch certain sections. This technique might be used for a number of reasons due to;

1. The show/movie being slow or boring so as to get to the more exciting parts.
2. Re-watching a show or movie in order to get to your favorite scenes or sections.
3. You don't have enough time to watch the whole show/movie at normal speed.
1. 'The plot and story line of that movie was so appalling that I just ended up speed watching it to get to the fighting scenes'.

2. 'I must of watch that porno you lent me a hundred times by now. I usually just end up speed watching it up to the bit with the hot as blonde twins'.

3. 'I didn't have enough time before class to watch the documentary that the lecture wanted us to, so I just speed watched it. I think that i got the general idea and the important bits out of it'.
by Benson C August 12, 2008
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