Someone who's stupid, dense, slow, particularly unhip or passe. Politically incorrect. The word is combined from two words: Special + Ed (education).
Man, check out the cheese-o shoes on Mike. He's so 90's. What a sped.
by Natewrites January 28, 2008
Slang to describe a mentally retarded individual. (e.g. Special Ed)
She was masturbating with a hot-dog, and broke it off inside herself? What a sped!
by Mike H. April 22, 2004
1. Past tense of "to speed"
2. Having a low IQ.
1. My car sped down the highway last night
by 5'1"Racer July 20, 2004
by D.FLIZZ March 16, 2009
An insult derived from the shortening of "special education".
Person 1: I can't believe I walked into that sign post.
Person 2: Yeah, you should move to the sped class. You'll be right at home.
by doughnut November 19, 2007
A program which determines your basic intellegence and social status as a human. A program that was for a good cause in the past is abused nowadays, as the general society (specially the younger generation) thinks that all SPED people are mentally retarded. Applications to SPED have been easier nowadays, as you can simply sign up because you are critically failing classes, cannot pay attention in class, depression, or just appreciate keeping your hands clean (OCD).
I got in because of "speech problems" when I was a toddler, Mostly got out when I was a freshman in HS (Vocational Rehab). My GPA and work ethic is similar to my regular colleagues (2.8). They even have the audacity to put my name and SPED right next to it on a roster, and humiliates me as my friends stare at me as they read and sign, now having second thoughts if I really do have any intellegence...
by Anon477 December 06, 2012
abbreviation of 'special ed' which originates from a legend of a person named ed collette, who was apparently so retarded that when the world's greatest and most renowned english scholars gathered for their annual meeting, they first decided to make 'sped' a real word in recognition of this unique person, then, with this first bit of business done, went on to add shakespeare to the high school curriculum and other such matters of less significant importance
"that guy who stands there drooling all day is a sped"
"only a sped would fail their grade 3 trombone exam"
"George Bush is a sped"
by faggoty anne September 17, 2007

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