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the term used to identify a girl with an above average ass. This was found in the middle of a Kanye West song, in which he utters the words, "She's in that Special Ed Class...but shes got that dumb ass!". you may say this straight to the girls face or tell your dude. If a girl has an ass similar to the pancakes mom use to make, you can say they are in "that honors class" or "that girl is a straight intellectual!"(contradicting Special Ed). Drake is currently known to associate himself with some of the dumbest girls in the world. Basically its all about class without the CL. I believe this philosophy was brought to the table by Keaton Alexander and George Oguna in early 2010. GLS
shes gotta be in Special Ed Class! that girls IQ is probably 42
by Dr. Deez June 24, 2010
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