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1- A rant or otherwise unnecessary collection of morphemes or jargon, casually inserted in conversation or intentionally used to bewilder or distract from the obvious. Usually void of any intellectual consideration, and apparently so, to all who bear witness. Spcheals are normally painfully enduring bits of nonsense.

-Normally spcheals are not accredited as such until later verbal regurgitation of said occurence.

-Spcheals can undertake many rhetorical forms, including but not limited to:
Tirades, Tantrums, Bullshittery, Schmoozing, Complaining, Explaining, or Berating.
So, we were all discussing the complexity and intrigue of the underground art world when suddenly Jim went on this spcheal about how Mother Teresa's contributions to the rise of Nazi Germany inspired Vincent Van Gogh to write The Chronicles of Narnia and then we all hit up Burger King.
by The-Artful-Dodger July 23, 2011
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