the female behavior of panicing, become frustrated or angry; to react irrationally to an event, usually due to a boy's actions or lack there of
Girl: "OMG, he isn't calling, ughhh!!!"

Friend: "It's ok, he will call, he is probably just busy"

Girl: "I wonder if something happened, why doesn't he have his phone!!"

Friend: "It's ok, just calm down your being super spastastic"
by KBizzle158 August 26, 2008
Top Definition
the act of spasing-out (Spaz. Someone who is hyperactive, or overly energetic) multiple times in a short period. Having random acts of hyper-activity. spaz
man 1: man Steph just keeps running around the store.
man 2: i know she's so spastastic.
by L-Train41 August 04, 2008
(Spaz-Tastik) Something so cool, awesome, or iconic that it is comparable(in terms of coolness) to the Franchi S.P.A.S. 12 shotgun. One of the coolest firearms ever manufactured.
I got a nuke playing MW2 last night and me and my girlfriend had sex! It was a spas-tastic night.
by ZAZ#13 May 11, 2010
An individual who deems appropriate the exhibit of personal encumbrances through emotional confusion (anger), then forgets the impact of the ambiguous emotional showcase, and later feels fantastic about how the implicated may inadvertently become distraught with despair in communities adversely effected by egocentric selfish insolent characters, as opposed to the complacency and subtlety present between those who communicate without discord.
A spastic will geyser now and then, however when ignored by others for lack of subtlety, the transgressor may learn as blissful ignorance veto`s the return communication as the intent was malignant as transgressor erupts hastily, opposite virtuous patience, blasphemers traditionally interrupt others spitefully in an arrogant tone, decibels louder, manifests expectation of incapacity from inebriate transgressors demeanor thereby thwarting progress to adequately assimilate through experiences of events or beads necessary to humanize or dehumanize dependent on the messages from the environment. Majority would ignore the aforementioned character`s antics, dismissed as insignificant enough to allocate a sliver of memory, similar to relationships often dwindle as presents a liability because of changes inordinate enough to hang a left at the fork in the road of options between compatible partners. Spastastics rarely accomplish much as they are predisposed to be highly opinionated and superficial.
by Theoraan April 24, 2015
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