the female behavior of panicing, become frustrated or angry; to react irrationally to an event, usually due to a boy's actions or lack there of
Girl: "OMG, he isn't calling, ughhh!!!"

Friend: "It's ok, he will call, he is probably just busy"

Girl: "I wonder if something happened, why doesn't he have his phone!!"

Friend: "It's ok, just calm down your being super spastastic"
by KBizzle158 August 26, 2008
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the act of spasing-out (Spaz. Someone who is hyperactive, or overly energetic) multiple times in a short period. Having random acts of hyper-activity. spaz
man 1: man Steph just keeps running around the store.
man 2: i know she's so spastastic.
by L-Train41 August 04, 2008
(Spaz-Tastik) Something so cool, awesome, or iconic that it is comparable(in terms of coolness) to the Franchi S.P.A.S. 12 shotgun. One of the coolest firearms ever manufactured.
I got a nuke playing MW2 last night and me and my girlfriend had sex! It was a spas-tastic night.
by ZAZ#13 May 11, 2010

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