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An ice-cold shower taken daily to enhance one's mental toughness and physical well-being. Spartans, for whom valued strength and pride as matters of high reputation, believed hot water was for the weak and emasculated; they frequently immersed in cold water for vigor and increased vitality. The Spartan Shower has numerous benefits including:

-Improved circulation
-Improved immune system
-Reduced blood pressure on internal organs
-Strengthens the sympathetic nervous system
-Improved mood, decreased anxiety and stress, relieved depression
-Improved hair and skin
-Decreased inflammation
-Increased testosterone
-Conditions you to be fearless as a Spartan warrior
Jamey used to be timid, but he started taking Spartan Showers every day and now he eats bears for breakfast.
by SharkBass028 November 04, 2013
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"Dude that chick went so low and then she gave me a spartan shower!" "What a champ."
by 2Meg247 December 20, 2008
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