The best guy on F2 and Flecko, in his own not so humble opinion. A moderator, he is also known as Lothar, whose Strength is a Legend, and his Skill Conquers All... he has also been known to say, "Carpe Mammarium", which means 'Seize the Breasts' in Latin.
Spartacus is triplefold bitchin'.
by Spartacus September 08, 2004
Top Definition
A movie made in 1960 directed by Stanley Kubrick. The plot entails a slave army led by an ex-gladiator (Spartacus) that threatens the sovereignty of Rome. Sadly, they don't defeat the Roman armies.
Famous line: I'm Spartacus!
#rome #movie #gladiator #slavery #kubrick
by Josiah Fallot August 19, 2008
Someone who is strong, in will, body, and mind, honorable, noble, a champion, courageous, a man of ambition, revenge, and his word. This man is usually small, is anything but boastful, yet confident, and humbled by his own understanding that he is the best or soon will be. This person is usually anti-social in nature, and extremely quiet, but will have usually one extremely close friend. Someone to be admired.
Person 1: Wow, it's his first year and he is already going to nationals.
Person 2: He's a regular Spartacus.
#champion #spartacus #third servile war #gladiator #victor #victorious #loner #serious #stern #blood and sand #ambitious #courageous #honor #honorable #strong #small #short #agile #swift
by Ethyl Merts March 10, 2011
When you squat over a girls face, drop your balls on her forehead, lay your dick down along her nose, and have her yell "I AM SPARTACUS!"
"Tina finally let me Spartacus her last night. We woke up the dog."
#spartacus #penis #sex move #position #dickslap
by iamspartacus August 16, 2007
A person you think is homosexual
Oh Spartacus, nice tight jeans you're wearing there.
by Smiaras May 06, 2004
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