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Sparkling Sleeping Beauty (n.) - A young lady who is taken out on a date and slipped a mickey. Once she passes out, her date then removes her dress and replaces it with a nice big poofy pink gown. He then places a rhinestone tiara on her head and seals the deal by bustin' a nut* across her lips as lip gloss.

*Clemen is often used as a low calorie substitute for semen, and tends to sparkle more in photos and video.
Mel: You have some dried up crusty stuff in the corners of your mouth there.

Sabritney: Oops, it's from last night. After work a group of us went to happy hour, then Tard gave me a ride home and turned me into a Sparkling Sleeping Beauty. I got a good night's rest though.
by J. the Jokster October 22, 2009
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