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When a man gets head from a teenager and her sparkle makeup gets on his dong.
Yo, did you see Bromsa? He had mad sparkle cock from that tween.
by Quillar August 07, 2011
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Specifically, fellatio from a horseface when both of you are quite bladdered/monged.
3 litres of sangria in this little trattoria in Cabbagetown, and I wound up getting sparklecocked by chick from Rexdale in a an alley in Forest Hill Village.
by spivey May 19, 2004
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that would be:

getting a hummer by a horsefaced bitch who is drunk on mexican wine.
bj fell asleep, totally bonged, and awoke to find that the horseface had given him a sweet sparklecock.
by wreckage May 17, 2004
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