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When a person is not included in a group conversation or activity. They are not talking to anyone and look lonely and sad. This puts people off of talking to them. Because of this, Spare Nob Syndrome(SNS) is very difficult to overcome.

To get rid of the Spare Nob aura surrounding your being, introduce yourself to new people of the group, and soon enough, you will become known to said group.

Spare Nob Syndrome can occur when you move school, when you get a new job, or when you have a new boyfriend/girlfriend who introduces you to their friends.
Person 1: Aww poor Gareth, nobody's speaking to him. He's looking all left out. ):

Person 2: Yeah, its a shame. He's standing there like the spare nob.

Person 3: True that. It must be really hard suffering from Spare Nob Syndrome.
by Erratic Doorhandle April 29, 2010
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