A word describing the nature of something exciting. Usually having to do with a person.
Dude 1: Wow that chick was really spanxious she made me want her

Dude 2: No look at that one *points to a different girl* now she is spanxious

Dude 1: you are so right

Dude 2 I usually am
by illsfmgthabas March 20, 2011
Top Definition
when your way too ready to slap her her ass
hey dude.. I got with a chick last night and I got too spanxious; she slapped me
by chodeballin March 28, 2010
A condition of social anxiety where you want to get your freak-spank on with someone but get too nervous.
Dude I totally wanted to bone Brady but got too spanxious and didn't even make it to first base :(
by Clyde Common March 10, 2009
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