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A sexual fetish in which eggs are cracked into a womans fun-bucket or a mans septic-hole Egg-beaters are inserted and whisked inside the said hole. The resulting juices squeezed out onto a dinner-plate is known as a spanish omlet.
Mikeys Spanish Omlet was not enough to satisfy Kierans apitite for his favourite dish. Mikey came up with a solution to this problem by hireing mexican children to cook extra when kieran came for dinner.
by Gonzo Philosophy August 30, 2009

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During oral sex, deep throat the girl so much that she gags on your cock and throws up on it. Then have anal sex with the vomit still on your dick and you have made a spanish omlet
The bitch asked for breakfast in bed so i gave her a spanish omlet.
by DLams May 29, 2007