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Some one who maybe gay or bisexual depending on who HAS THE MOST DOSH!!!
It is good to keep ALL DOORS OPEN!!!!!!!!!!Most of them suffer from the napolean complex but have massive egos like those annoying tshizus...
An interesting fact is that the last known neanderthal was found frozen in northern spain.A species that should be extinct!!Always try to see how much your worth and say things like u like black banana??WHO THE FUCK LIKES BLACK BANANAS THERE GONE OFF?The average spaniard CANNOT FLIRT!!FACT!
Usually goes by the name of cayla or some shit,is an obnoxious pretentious piece of shit,talks a lot,tries to gage your personality with shitty jokes that are not funny but his excuse is that he is from spain.
spanish male:ur coat is nice can i take it??

person: mmm how much it is about 100 wanna buy??

spanish man:no i just wanna choke you half to death with it cos im an evil spanish fuckface!
by kensingtonkelly November 08, 2008
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