Only ones who dont eat the spaghetti know what it is. Must not be written of. GUARD THE SECRET WITH YOUR LIVES
I heard that he likes to eat the spaghetti... is he that dirty?
by theonewhoknowsspaghetti May 10, 2015
delicious pasta dish, also known as "spaghetti bolognese"; spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce and ground beef; world's single greatest meal
My grandma makes the world's greatest spaghetti!
by JessicaQ February 04, 2008
a lame, low budget budget movie
Man I watched "Hercules" the other day, it was a bit of a spaghetti..
by pepperishaht May 31, 2015
Italian Mobster

Most commonly seen in movies similar to ScarFace
Hey Man, you want the money?
Well you're going to have to kill all the Spaghettis!
by Mod Kman October 11, 2008
To kiss and/or make out to the extent in which the two participants make the sound equivalent to wet spaghetti noodles being mixed around.
"After prom, the two love birds went to the car and made Spaghetti."
by goober1988 March 21, 2010
1.) n. a once pejorative (now more humorous) racial slur to describe people of Italian ethnicity/ancestry

2.) n. a tasty pasta dish popular in many countries

3.) n. a German ice cream dish made to resemble spaghetti by used grated vanilla ice cream as the "noodles," strawberry sauce as the "tomato sauce," and white sprinkles as the "Parmesan"
mmm, spaghetti
by superblah May 31, 2011
Spaghetti, or Spaghettiing, is the act of twirling one's hair around one's hand or finger's, similar to the way one might twirl spaghetti on a fork.

This may be done with one's own hair, or someone else's hair. Easily done when cuddling and can be paired with a safety belt.
K: My boyfriend never plays with my hair
C: That sucks. I love when mine spaghettis my hair... it feels so good!
K: I know... very relaxing.
by Kakillia February 25, 2011

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