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1. When you meet new people out or perhaps you're reconnecting with a long lost somebody, suggest they look you up on MySpace. Maybe you're short on time and can't play catch-up right then. This is the super simple way of saying "keep in touch", "later", "text me" or "call me", etc. (Because puhleeese, everybody and their uncle has a MySpace profile.)

2. When you're blowing someone off but not trying to look like a total sub-zero ice queen.
1. On her way out the door she blew air-kisses to her friends, waved and departed by enthusiastically saying, "Space Me!"

2. He was my brothers friend so I was playing nice even though he was lookin' kinda janky with his busted faux-hawk. I let him chat me up but when he asked for the digits I said, "Oh, yeah...just Space Me at.....". Since I have a private account, he won't have an all-access pass to me or my hot friends.
by her_nimbleness February 01, 2008
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