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When someone farts into a plastic bag, then places it over someone else's nose and mouth, forcing them to injest only farts
Oh man, when that kid passed out i gave him the baddest space helmet ever.
by TCK February 21, 2004
28 8
when you are getting high. you blow the smoke into a fishbowl or tuberware and then place the container on your head.
yo man lets go smoke some pot and put on our space helmets
by dsoa November 09, 2008
2 0
Smoking marijuana that offers you outer space adventures. Calm to the coolest degree. The ability to absorb the wind when it's blowing. High to a mindful nature.
Guy #1 "Hey pal, did you put your Space Helmet on last night?" "I know I did."
Guy #2 "OHH, for definite!" "I felt like, if Saturn had seven moons I'd be sitting on them simultaneously."
by the|nomad September 05, 2011
0 0
V. To envelope one's head in the vagina of a woman.

N. The woman this is done to.

N. The act of.
I pulled a space helmet on my dog.
by Hizzo February 26, 2005
10 18