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When someone farts into a plastic bag, then places it over someone else's nose and mouth, forcing them to injest only farts
Oh man, when that kid passed out i gave him the baddest space helmet ever.
by TCK February 21, 2004
when you are getting high. you blow the smoke into a fishbowl or tuberware and then place the container on your head.
yo man lets go smoke some pot and put on our space helmets
by dsoa November 09, 2008
Smoking marijuana that offers you outer space adventures. Calm to the coolest degree. The ability to absorb the wind when it's blowing. High to a mindful nature.
Guy #1 "Hey pal, did you put your Space Helmet on last night?" "I know I did."
Guy #2 "OHH, for definite!" "I felt like, if Saturn had seven moons I'd be sitting on them simultaneously."
by the|nomad September 05, 2011
V. To envelope one's head in the vagina of a woman.

N. The woman this is done to.

N. The act of.
I pulled a space helmet on my dog.
by Hizzo February 26, 2005

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