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Purple hair, lives at river, nicks weed, fat, smells of shit, claims he owns large snake, shit piercings, nipple piercing fettish, even fatter, stays off school and "smokes weed", big fan of noisecore band Sacc Snot, allegedly burned his father in a car, gets off with invisible fat women, talks a lot of shit, bizzare dress sense, ties up braids with selotape, has the appearance of a transexual from the age of space, carries a knife and a knuckle duster, steals phones, VERY fat chin, pulls funny faces whilst inhaling cannabis products, rocks out to bands such as Zombie Dolls and Satan's Meat Machine, hairstyle used to change from day to day but now usually remains the same, a general wanker but everyone loves him really.
De Graff: You should go to school
Space Age Tranny: "I don't care, I stay off and smoke weed"
by Space Age Tranny July 26, 2006
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