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A group of stupid ulgy people who cannot play music..haha..when they dance they always hoe the shit out of them selves, not to mention their band director is a fat person who loves to eat chilli cheese fries and hide his cheeseburgers in his closet which atrracts rats, which mean there is RAT SHIT EVERYONE..he come on now who in tha fuck has maynose and cheese in there god damn office..hmm...i know what he uses the the mayo for haha..and as a result he produces more mayo!!!..
He is fat ulgy,,,likes food...and has sex with 13 yr olds.not to mention he has a small penis..haha.
channel 7 news; We are live here at southfield-lathrup high school, and we are listening to them play becky..eww they sound like a bunch of dieing cats getting dragged by a car...
by ladygrim February 05, 2010
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