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The style of clothes worn by the men of the Southeast. A typical outfit usually consists of a polo or sport shirt, khaki shorts or pants, a watch with a leather strap, leather loafers without socks, a matching leather belt, and sunglasses (usually worn with a croakie). The shirt can be tucked in, or worn casually, depending on the event. For more formal events and celebrations, a bow tie is usually worn with a sharp blazer. Popular clothing brands worn by proper Southern men are Vineyard Vines, Sothern Tide, Brooks Brothers, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Southern Proper. Popular shoe brands are Sperry Top-Sider, Cole Haan, Johnston and Murphy, and Clarks. Popular sunglasses worn by Southern gents are Ray Ban wayfarers and club masters, and Costa Del Mar fathoms, brines, stringers, and harpoons, topped off with croakies from their favorite brand. This style is the perfect balance of classy good looks, and laid back casualness. The proper Southern man is a well-dressed example of the confidence that is seen throughout the South, and is a symbol of esteem and success everywhere.
You kiddin'? I'm going Southern proper, now hand me my bow tie.
by SouthernProperGent March 19, 2011
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