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"Southern Goth" is GOTHS RAISED IN THE SOUTH, With an appreciation for all things of, & the sounds of,Gothic music and lifestyle with a country twist! Goth, Trance & Ambient sounds incorperated with the dark sounds of Southern Rock, and more now in some modern country.

We have heavy values in family & beliefs , and a bit rebellious in nature when it comes to change in or country and its foundation, we love our black clothing,nail polish, and piercings and, we believe in our guns & knives, hunting and farming, we judge no one for what they believe, live by example and have an appreciation for all things Goth! but "DON'T TREAD ON ME"!

Your NOT a Goth Poser: if your depressed, wear black and have a fancy knife collection, can gut a fish w/out, dark decor in your home and listen to Dark sounding Music...
SEE also "CHRISTIAN GOTHS" in the urban dictionary as well , I am a Christian & A Goth, I don't worship Satan or Lucifer, I follow the bible and its values and Pray to the one true Messiah, But you cant take away my cave, I like the night, I like my black, I like my blue jeans too...and I love My family & my GOD!
This Is My "Southern Goth"
by icicleangel March 22, 2011

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