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A man from the south, has a southern Accent, sometimes wears boots. Likes music like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Creedence Clearwater Revial and can be heard singing Ring of Fire allot. ENjoys hunting, finishing, classic American cars, sun flower seeds and fresh meat. Southern Gentlemen are mainly known for their respect of women, hate it when other guys abuse girls, they stick up for girls, call them beautiful, hold doors, and wlak them to class.
Girl: Man he's a really Southern Gentlemen, he held the door for me, called me Beautiful, and sang Ring of Fire to me.
by Ring of Fire March 19, 2010
a mythical creature of the male gender
Susan thought she finally met her southern gentleman, but then quickly realized he was just another yankee.
by Icantstopthis February 25, 2009
A man who goes down for cunnilingus on a woman first. Thus he "goes south" to ensure the woman orgasms first. As a gentleman should.
Girl: he was a total southern gentleman. I came twice then he sung me "ring of fire."
by illegally_blonde April 20, 2015
A caucasion male who has had sex with at least one negro female.
Danny fucked that black girl named Latoya, and became a southern gentleman. He's so cool!
by SouthernGentleman October 30, 2006
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