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South Side Syzurrp is a drink created by three brave men living in south Evanston, IL. It is an alcoholic beverage, the recipe for which is as follows.

(Makes ten to fifteen servings)
1. Take empty milk cartoon and write South Side Syzurrp on the outside.
2. Pour between 2/3 and a whole handle of vodka in (depending on the mood).
3. Add one carton of Welch's Mango Twist.
4. Add one small package of Crystal Light Pink Lemonade
5. Fresh squeezed lemon juice (anywhere from 1 to 4 is acceptable).
6. Fill the rest of the container with a second carton of Welch's.
Drink to your hearts content.
Next weekend we bought to be on that South Side Syzurrp.
by Paul Bunyan's Penis November 02, 2009
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