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A modern-day ailment unique to the exceptionally well-informed, especially as pertains to followers of current events. Those afflicted with source fatigue suffer the inability to name a direct source for something they bring up in conversation. In most cases the afflicted will emphasize their certainty that they are quoting a reliable source, although they cannot name a specific one.
Joe: "I saw the funniest news story today. A squirrel chewed into a power line, burst into flames, then fell down directly onto a new car. It rolled into the engine and blew the car up. I think it broke my ability to laugh."
John: "No way. Uh-uh. Where did you read that?"
Joe: "Oh, it was... um... I think it was from NPR or something. Or, um. Maybe... uh, Fark? No, no, I think it came in my email. Or... huh. Shit. I'm not sure, but I know it was for real.
John: Sounds like a bad case of source fatigue.
by Cicero's Assassin October 20, 2007
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