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When you have a finger-full (usually the index finger) of sour cream and you sneak up on someone and smear it across their upper lip. Similar to the Dirty Sanchez but done with sour cream as in the movie Still Waiting.
While we were having nachos I Sour Cream Sanchez'ed my date. He was so pissed he Pirate'd me to get even!
by Pandora Handcock February 27, 2009
applying a huge gob of sourcream under a unsuspecting victims nose with your first and middle finger while they are preparing any dinner fare with sourcream in it, then as they shake their head in disgust you loudly yell "sourcream sanchez"
While junior was making up his soft taco at dinner last night steven snuck up behind him reached around the front of his face and smeared him up with a sourcream sanchez.
by murfmann November 14, 2009
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