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The act of making a someone else eat a sour patch candy for the sole purpose of shutting them up when they are either complaining, wining, getting on your nerves, being unreasonable, being mean, getting upset or any other reason you would want them to shut up.

Normally just shaking the box and placing it in your console is a sufficient warning. If you don't have the box of Sour Patch candies, you can just make the noise the box makes when you shake it (like a chika chika sound) and that will remind the person they are on thin ice and are about to be handled.

In the event that you actually HAVE to Sour Patch someone's ass, they must eat a minimum of two Sour Patch candies. This creates an extreme sour flavor and a sharp twinge under the ear area. Normally this will stop the unwanted behavior.

Great for car trips, small children, grandparents and anyone who hates sourness.
"If you don't quit your bitchin' I'm going to Sour Patch your ass!"
by clhughey February 25, 2010
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