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Well, first off, have sex. Although, the female involved must have her Granny Panties on or at the ready! Near the end of sex when the guy starts to feel his giblets tingle and jingle, let him release his massive load in the Granny Panties. I bet your thinking oh, that's dumb. But wait, there is more. Now, the male must be ready to drop a fairly good sized deuce (poop). Deliver the goods in the Granny Panties on top of the cum. Now the female must pull up the Granny Panties and wear them the rest of the day.
1)Excuse me Miss, would you mind if I tried your sour melted brownie?

Dominic: Hey Grandma, can I borrow your granny panties so me and my girlfriend Willanda can make a sour melted brownie?

Olga: Hey Suze, what is that smell? It wreaks.
Suze: Oh it's only a sour melted brownie. Dave gave it to me after a decent round of sex. I'm wearing it like a trophy.

by The Ginger Bastard February 11, 2009
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