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When a young lady has their sex partner lick their vag, they will find that her vagina juice has a funky taste also know as sour crotch
Kyle made an unpleasent face when he discrovered that amy had a sour crotch
by QS&k April 27, 2007
noun: a vagine or a cocx that's in a state of "not-so-fresh-feeling

adjective: a PMS-y, friggin' bitch
"She is such a sour crotch. She needs a tampon change. ASAP!"
by BtchenB December 17, 2009
a person with blonde pubes....because blonde is yellow,
yellow is the same color of lemons and lemons are sour
michael mcniel is a sour crotch
by miss charlee May 14, 2008

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