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2. Anything so rare that seeing it even once is noteworthy.
2. I saw Muamar Gadhafi at a NASCAR competition, wearing a Charlie Daniels Band T-shirt and a pair of cutoffs. I was so shocked, it was like seeing a souped up short bus.
by The Fourth Man in the Tub March 06, 2011
1. A short bus that has been souped up, with engine modifications, chrome, spoiler, sidepipes, etc. In extreme cases, a short bus can be outfitted with the sort of suspension and oversize wheels seen on a monster truck, then entered in competitions. A very unusual sight.
1. Check out that souped up short bus. It's been modified to go fast and look cool. You don't see one of those everyday
by The Fourth Man in the Tub March 06, 2011
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