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Fantasy Band created by Revo. He is the Emperor of the group and the only permanent member.
-There are other members who are temporary members and invited by Revo for each CD. You've got to hear them sing it is really awesome. Some of the members are Aramari, YUUKI, MIKI, RIKI, REMI, JIMANG, Shimosky Haruka, Seajeki Ume, Joelle, Endo Mari....etc. (Jimang is the only male singer not including Revo) There are also music crew who play instruments. The guitar and violin is awesome in Soundhorizon songs.
-All the songs by Revo has a story. The story has characters.Most of these characters also have names so it is confusing at first, but after you get to know them, you'll adore them. The cover (or the inside) of the CD contains images of these characters drawn by Revo's good friend Yokoyan. In Sound Horizon concerts, the singers dress up as the characters. These costumes are commonly used for Cosplay(costumeplay). Some epic acting is also included in their concerts.
-There are 7 main albums currently(2011).
1st Horizon: Chronicle
2nd Horizon: Thanatos
3rd Horizon: Lost
4th Horizon: Elysion
5th Horizon: Roman
6th Horizon: Moira
7th Horizon: Marchen
-A fan of Sound Horizon is called "Laurant".
-Some of the common SH cliches are "Sound Horizon Kingdom!"(international!), "Oh Moira!"(Moira)(means something like Oh my god), "Oui Monsieur"(Roman)...etc
-Revo is also a close friend of Kajiura Uuki (Kalafina, Fiction Juntion)
Sound Horizon Kingdom!!! Long live King Revo!!!

Normal Laurants' conversation:

Y: Oh Moira! Sokoni Romanwa arunokasira? (Where is Roman?)
H: Of course, Its in the Ido!
by Yeondoboo Laurant November 04, 2011
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