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Soumick is an indian boy who always smells of curry - One of the only known sources of Curry Smelling AXE. He is famous on youtube for his video singing "Can't handle me" on youtube. He is a raging alcoholic and loves beef, even though it is against his religion. Also, he doesn't take his underwear off when he goes to shower because, "I DON'T VANT TO SEE DAT!" - Quote Soumick. Many people believe that there is a native tribe that has never seen daylight and I'm pretty sure we will never know. Last, but not least he pronounces every W as a V and vice versa.
"Hey man, let's go drink some wodka and get vasted tonight! "
"Fuck you Soumick..."
"Oh mann"
by Your egg donor. May 16, 2013
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