the epitome of nerd/virgin

this sad excuse for a human being spends 16 hours a day on Warcraft III while still being terrible at the game

the other 8 hours of his day consists of jacking off to underage anime porn and crying himself to sleep
man, you need to get off WC3 or you'll end up like Soulstandered
by 9_9 July 20, 2008
Top Definition
A self-centered warcraft 3 junky. He has no life and ditches school projects to play more warcraft 3. In response to the question "what is a life," he answered invalid and opted to go play more warcraft. Seriously... this kid is pathetic.
I was playing wc3 like soulstandered last night. (noun)

You are playing soulstanderedly today. (adverb)
by SirofCamelot February 10, 2008
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