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A brand new anime that released in April 2008 about girl named Maka and her weapon, who can have a teen appearance, Soul who go to a school for reapers or shinigami somewhere in Nevada and collect the souls of pre kishin (demented or deamon soul) that are which kishin eggs . The other 5 main characters include, self centered loud mouth but strong Black Star with his well minded weapon Tsubaki and perfectionist and son of the Grim Reaper, Death the Kid with twin pistols Thompson Sisters of Brooklyn.
Soul Eater is getting as popular as Naruto or Bleach!
by Olivia or Samura13 from DA August 27, 2008
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Basically one of the most thrilling animes today! Actually THE MOST thrilling...
It never goes boring even when it's a talking scene, the characters are all lovable, and the battles are EPIC.
I will take you Soul- Maka Albarn

This is cool- Soul Eater Evans
by Samura February 24, 2009
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Soul eater is the best anime I've ever seen, it's also a manga
About half the cast can turn into weapons, and the rest are miesters, Kishin and witches. The plot revolves around the DWMA, defensive weapons and miesters academy or something like that. The headmaster/ruler of the DWMA is Lord death(or shinigami) he is a wacky grim reaper who can perform the "reaper chop" where he dents your skull with a gigantic glove
the main characters are Maka and her weapon, Soul who can turn into a battle scythe,
Death the kid, the awesome symmetry-obsessed son of Shinigami, with Liz and Patty, twin pistols,

Blackstar, the "ninja assassin who will transcend god" and Tsubaki, the easy-going enchanted sword of Blackstar
as well as a whole bunch of bad guys! you have to watch it to appreciate it. (but beware of "legend of the holy sword" it gets obnoxious)
Blackstar: can we still be friends?
Soul: Of course! we'll always be friends!
Blackstar: Oh, Soul!
Soul: Blackstar!
Blackstar: oh soul!
Soul: Blackstar!
(this repeats a few more times)
Maka: they need professional help
(kid has basically exploded them)
Kid: oops, I'm sorry. My finger slipped
~Soul eater
by KrazyKittyKid November 04, 2010
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1. Souleater levels(4) water(aqua) atk:1200 def:0
2. The worst card inthe Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game.
3. Only second by the Lava Golem in badness.
I hate souleaters.
by ham_sandwich August 10, 2003
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