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Soul Chillin' is a grass roots way of life that practices removing yourself from unnecessary stressful situations, people and things in order to enjoy a better, peaceful and really fun life.

Soul Chillin' is often accompanied by good music, food and friends. People who destroy the delicate art of Soul Chillin' should be promptly removed from your friend circle.

Part of Soul Chillin' is "Escapeism"

For more information check out the book "Tips for Soul Chillin' written by Zach and Taryn. It includes do's and donts and a list of good music.
"Last night i went over to my friends house and we turned off her sisters stereo because she was playing to much "Nickleback". Then we put on Sublime and made cookies while after watching Pulp Fiction. It was a Soul Chillin' moment.
by Caravan Palace August 06, 2010
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