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A stupid saying that stupid ass young girls say to make them sound bitchy but they really arent.
haha YOur Ugly... Sorry Not Sorry.
by Special KLove February 08, 2012
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sorrynotsorry is a term used by someone usually unhappy with someone because they are thought to have done something wrong. They use this term as if to say "What I did wasn't wrong so Sorry, I'm not sorry". It is often "hashtaged" on the social networking website Twitter.
Craig: "You're holding that pencil wrong"
Mike: "I didn't know there was a correct way to hold a pencil. sorrynotsorry"
by TwoRadAtBasketball March 26, 2012
3. Something stupid, bitchy girls say to make excuses for saying stupid and bitchy things.
I throw out perfectly good food when people are starving in Africa, sorry not sorry.

My boyfriend checked you out, I'm glad your mom has cancer, sorry not sorry.
by SayingSorryNotSorryisFnStupid January 07, 2014

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