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If you like heavely corrupted mods who act like pricks over everything you do, then this place is for you. If your a real person, dont go here. Its a crack hole where mods act like they rule you, and if you piss one off,they will be on your ass forever. Bump a topic, its your ass, post a short sentence, its your ass. Make complaints about rules, mods, or w/e, its your ass. Say something nice to the mods, its your ass. The mods are why this place is turning into shit, they are over bearring, and over sensitive, and act like pussy's over anything you say. If you also like to get labeled a lot by mods, this place is totally for you. For the smart people, dont go here. Its garbage.
Post in topic: I like sonic, or "I like the ice cap zone" or" these forums rock!"

Automatic warn.

Post in topic thats a month old. Automatic warn.

Insult a favorite character of a mod, automatic warning.

Sonic zone forums: automatic warn
by Buto-mach November 10, 2006
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