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A case of effects similar to a regular case of OCD, but only targets fans of a on going franchise of "Sonic The Hedgehog". They think that the Old School Sonic Games are 90% about physics and 10% about everything else that made Sonic great. Which is obviously not true.

It said that Sonic OCD begins at a young age (around the ages of 6-8) were most of the Old School Sonic fans played Sonic 1, but do to their superior brain development they were able to deduct the physics of the game so well that it became the only thing the care about.

They also lack the ability to adapt to new things and deem them "frustrating" experiences because they suck so bad at it. This is due to the fact that the physics they are used too as 6-8 year olds aren't in the new games.

Due to this they can never enjoy any new Sonic Game that SEGA puts out, even if the are good as a whole.

EX: Sonic 4
Old School Sonic Fan: "What!!! Sonic doez not ROLLZZ down hill when I press downzzz...I have to hold the D-Pad to the right!!!!?"

*Mind Blown*

Regular Gamer#1: Sooo what up with that Guy?
Regular Gamer#2: Just ignore him, He has Sonic Over Compulsive Disorder
by ThatSonicGuy October 14, 2010
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