when after singing/hearing a song in the wrong key/notes you can never hear the song without hearing the tone deaf version you've become accustomed to.
Friend after turning radio on I hate this song. Its awful.
You: this song is great!
Friend: It was, all until Jessica song raped me with it.
by Emilahdachibi August 25, 2010
Top Definition

a: To get a song stuck in your head that someone else started singing-and continue to sing the next verse.

b: To intentionally get a song stuck in someone's head.
I like big butts and i cannot lie!

You other brothers can't deny!
-Darn it! I just got songraped.

Friend: WIN!
by Looksie April 22, 2011
To have a song forced into one's head. Unwillingly repeating the song for days, unable to shake the memory of the moment that the song entered you.
I just got song raped by that little girl. Now I can't stop singing "I'm so fancy...". I hate that song. I want it out of me!

Please don't be mad at me. I didn't realize I was song raping you. I thought you liked "Friends in Low places". I'm sorry you can't stop singing it.
by Lord Curfington August 24, 2014
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