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Simply stated "Some Guy".
Person 1: "Some Guy Just Left His Wallet"
Person 2: "Do You Know Who He Was"
Person 1: "I Dont Know It Was Just Some Guy"
by somgi February 21, 2010
one that is. one who chooses to be without being known. the one responsible for most everthing.
who's is that? someguy's.
who did that? someguy.
by someguy March 14, 2005
Can be used as a noun. Can be used as a verb. Can be used as an adjective. Can be used as an adverb. Can be used as your mama.
Someguy: Who was that?
Someguy 2: I dunno, someguy?

Someguy: Where are you going?
Someguy 2: I dunno, someguy.

Someguy: What are you doing?
Someguy 2: I dunno, someguy.

by Saran May 29, 2003
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