You wake your girl in the middle of the night and say, "did you hear something?" You then finger her in her butt to startle her and get her to jump up and then try to give her a facial jazz shot. And once you succeed, you throw her off the bed.
Man, I gave her a Somali Pirate when she least expected it last night. Bam ! ! She didn't know what hit her.
by Ninja Gene April 21, 2009
a definition of extortion on the indian ocean carried by somali ex millitia fighters turned pirates. ransom paid range from $1 million to £3.5 million per ship.
somali pirates, my home boy abdi farah was broke yesterday, know he is millionaire, he got 400 acre of beach mansion, plus yacht & rolls royce and 8 wives. cant wait for next prey hit. .
by adenma May 11, 2009
Heroes off the coast of Somalia
Guy 1: Those Somali Pirates hijacked another ship
Guy 2: Yeah man, they're protecting Somalian waters
by wcss April 21, 2009

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