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Well, I'm just saying this because I really think I'm one of them, so think what you want but I'm just trying to help the people who think like I do.So now I'm creating this word to clear some people who are totally in between. A Solid Kid, is a smart boy/girl who is generally nice, preppy, indulges in Emo and Scene activities but is also attracted to Abercrombie and Fitch, hangs out with more than one kind of people, uses those expressions like "Rad" and "Hellz yeah" and has that Valley Girl voice, but has straightened, colored, and totally awesome hair. Listens to everything and cares for all types of music, though leaning on punk.They can speak as if they're from the streets or Shakespeare. I believe that there are alot of Solid kids who are solid, but try to fit into the other categories that they think they should go into. Solid kids can be serene or childish.
Childish Solid Kid: "OMG, I like totally was shopping yesterday and bought these awesome hoop earrings!"

Serene Solid Kid:*takes eyes off of book* "I bet you paid too much for them, you should probably get new ones."

Preppy Solid Girl: "I think they're delightful, and you should totally give them to me for Chanukkah."

Childish Solid Kid"I'm so glad we're all totally solid, and like all the same things...."

Preppy Solid Girl" Solid Kids, like, totally rock, dude."
by Cecily Brown February 07, 2008
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