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Another way to inhale marijuana smoke - using a magnifying glass and the sun. Most people are skeptical of this method and it is probably because there is a learning curve to getting it just right. You can't always use a magnifying glass, but for days where its hot as fuck and you maybe plan on going camping it is complete win. The light beam slowly heats the weed similar to a vaporizer. The bowl lasts longer and you get a way smoother hit since theres no lighter fluid and it tastes a lot better.
Solar hits are best at noon when the sun is at its highest point on a hot summer day.
by solar hitter June 30, 2009
The process of using a magnifying glass and the light of the sun to ignite marijuana. Usually only done by geeks and dumb kids too young to buy lighters, it is a cheap, albeit slow, method to get high.
Stoner #1: Dammit, me lighter be broken. Let's go do us some solar hits.

Stoner #2: But we don't have a magnifying glass.

Stoner #1: Son of a. . . .
by Shadow of the Void October 02, 2006
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