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A polar bear made out of the sun.
"That's a really bright polar bear!"
"Nah dude, that's a solar bear."
by The beast master 2 April 07, 2010
"Pulling a Solar Bear" is when someone in Brawlhalla manages to take down two players using only spiked balls while having a red health status. This term originated from an American Brawlhalla player, Solar Bear (Ryan "JW" Morrison), after he managed to pull off this impressive feat using Orion.

Unfortunately, Solar Bear passed away on April 17th, 2015, due to heart complications during a casual water polo match with his family in Ohio. He will be remembered by the Brawlhalla community for his contributions.
Wow, Jeremy just pulled a Solar Bear! Impressive.
by 4nonhumans June 14, 2016
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